Forestry, Wildland Fire Fighting and Emergency Management Training

Providing Capacity Building through Industry Partnerships and Job Readiness Training

FNESS has been providing Forestry Wildland Fire Fighting and Emergency Management related training to First Nations in British Columbia for the past seven years. We are now presenting this opportunity to your organization with the ability to meet your specific needs. Your organization will work with us to design a training package that will address the training required to meet labor market demands in your traditional territory. Part of the training can include marketing of trainees to potential employers and employer partnership development.

Available Training Packages:
Wildland Firefighter, Basic
Wildland Firefighter, Crew Boss
Wildland Firefighter, Danger Tree Assessor
Introduction to Emergency Management

FNESS Training Program Contact
Shane Wardrobe, Forest Fuel Management Liaison
W.  250-377-7600
C.   250-457-1695

Darrick Andrew, BNRS Forest Fuel Management Liaison
W.  250-377-7600
C.   250-318-3645

Nisga’a S 100 Training, Fire Guard 2017