Fire Services Events

2015 First Nations’ Youth Poster Contest

The Fire Services Department has received the Poster submissions for 2015. We would like to thank teachers and parents for helping students to submit posters and we hope that you will continue to promote Fire Prevention in your community. Poster contest winners are listed and shown below:

1rst place prize Megan Blackmore-Yaqan Nukiy School
Megan Blackmore - Yaqan Nukiy School
CATEGORY 1: 1st Place
2nd place prize-Lauren Cahoose-Nagwuntloo School
Lauren Cahoose - Nagwuntloo School
CATEGORY 1: 2nd Place
3rd place prize-Salem Blackmore Yaqan Nukiy
Salem Blackmore - Yaqan Nukiy School
CATEGORY 1: 3rd Place
1rst place prize-Kory Xet’olcw Community School
Kory Wallace - Xetolacw School
CATEGORY 2: 1st Place
2nd place prize Lillian Marchard-Sensisyusten
Lillian Marchand - Sensisyusten School
CATEGORY 2: 2nd Place
3rd place prize-Lucas Reece-Hartley Bay School
Lucas - Hartley Bay School
CATEGORY 2: 3rd Place
1st place prize-Brieanne Clifton Hatley Bay School
Brieanne Clifton - Hartley Bay School
CATEGORY 3: 1st Place
2nd place prize-Asia Ball-Neqweyqwelsten School
Asia Ball - Neqweyqwelsten School
CATEGORY 3: 2nd Place
3rd place prize Linden Ross Neqweyqwelsten School-
Linden Ross - Neqweyqwelsten School
CATEGORY 3: 3rd Place