Fire Services Events

2017 First Nations’ Youth Poster Contest

The Fire Services Department has received the Poster submissions for 2017. We would like to thank teachers and parents for helping students to submit posters and we hope that you will continue to promote Fire Prevention in your community. Poster contest winners are listed and shown below:

Ryleigh Barnes CAT 1 1st place
Ryleigh Barns
CATEGORY 1: 1st Place
Cassie Chipesia CAT 1 2nd place
Cassie Chipesia
CATEGORY 1: 2nd Place
Aslan Davies CAT 1 3rd place
Aslan Davies
CATEGORY 1: 3rd Place
Joy Rainer CAT 2 1st place
Joy Rainer
CATEGORY 2: 1st Place
Tayton Sterling CAT 2 2ND place
Tayton Sterling
CATEGORY 2: 2nd Place
Kierra Frank CAT 2 3rd place
Kierra Frank
CATEGORY 2: 3rd Place
Cassidy Calahassen CAT 3 1ST PLACE
Cassidy Calahassen
CATEGORY 3: 1st Place
Dallan Vincent CAT 3 2nd PLACE
Dallen Vincent
CATEGORY 3: 2nd Place
Madison Sterling CAT 3 3rd PLACE
Madison Sterling
CATEGORY 3: 3rd Place