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FNESS is proud to be recognized by the Province and now Partners in Protection (Canada) to lend support for First Nations (BC), as part of the National FireSmart Community recognition program.

Partners in Protection is a multi-disciplinary partnership committed to raising awareness, providing information, and developing forums with a view to encouraging proactive, community-based initiatives. Such initiatives would have as their principal objective, to reduce risk of fire losses and enhance safety in the wildland-urban interface.

FNESS is working with communities to achieve FireSmart recognition criteria, including those communities that participated with previous NRCAN programs.


Congratulations to the following British Columbia First Nations communities in becoming

FireSmart Recognized Communities:

  1. Coldwater Indian Band – 2014
  2. Esk’etemc (First Nation) – 2013; 2014 Renewal
  3. Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band – 2016 New
  4. Nazko First Nation – 2016 New
  5. Nooaitch Indian Band – 2014; 2016 Renewal
  6. Sekw’el’was (First Nation) – 2014
  7. Shackan Indian Band – 2013; 2014 Renewal
  8. Skeetchestn Indian Band – 2015; 2016 Renewal
  9. Stswecem’c Xgat’tem (First Nation) – 2016 New
  10. T’it’q’et (First Nation) – 2013; 2014; 2016 Renewal
  11. Tsal’alh (Seton Lake Indian Band) – 2016 New
  12. Ts’kw’aylaxw First Nation – 2014; 2016 Renewal
  13. Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band – 2013; 2014 New Community and Renewal
  14. Xaxli’p (First Nation) – 2016 New
  15. Xwisten (First Nation) – 2013; 2014 Renewal

FireSmart Standards

To qualify as a FireSmart Communities Recognition site, a community must have met five standards:

  1. Complete a community assessment and create a plan (refer to page 12 & 20 of the Fire Smart User Reference Guide)
  2. Form a FireSmart Board (page 14)
  3. Hold a FireSmart Day event (page 16)
  4. Invest a minimum of $2/capita in local wildfire mitigation projects. (Volunteer hours X $21.36/hr 2012 rate, equipment
    use, time contributed by agency fire staff, and grant funding can be included, see page 25)
  5. Submit an application (page 24 & 29)

Applications for First Nations communities in BC will be submitted to the  “Provincial FireSmart Liaison” for First Nations Communities, located at the Kamloops FNESS Office. FNESS will work with the communities and Partners in Protection Canada, with the goal of achieving FireSmart Community Recognition status.

FireSmart Planning – Application deadline closed January 27, 2017

Applications for the 2017 FireSmart Planning program will only be accepted as part of the January 2017 SWPI intake.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day – Saturday May 6, 2017

NEW FireSmart Application Submission Process:

FireSmart applications to be submitted directly to UBCM

Questions, Comments, please contact:

Forest Fuel Management Department ~ FNESS Kamloops

250-377-7600 FNESS

Union of British Columbia Municipalities at UBCM