FNESS announces On-Reserve Forest Fuel Reduction Treatment Funding in 2016-2017 – Now Closed

2016-2017 Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Wildfire Prevention Initiative On-Reserve Forest Fuel Reduction Treatment Funding


Application Deadline – Now Closed

FNESS Forest Fuel Management Department has accessed funding to support on-reserve fuel reduction treatment projects.  Twenty-five (25) First Nations Communities will be eligible for up to $5,769.23 per hectare all inclusive, minimum 13 hectares per project and maximum $75,000 per community.


FNESS is accepting applications supporting on-reserve operational forest fuel treatment.  Applications will be assessed based on the 2016-17 On-Reserve OT – Program & Application Guide (pdf)


On-Reserve Fuel Reduction Treatment Forms


INAC Timber Permit Information


INAC Timber Permit Information Contacts

INAC Timber Permit Contacts


 Additional Information & Resources


2015-16 On-Reserve Fuel Reduction Treatment Map



Contact Information

Forest Fuel Management Department in FNESS Kamloops Office at (250) 377-7600 or ffminfo@fness.bc.ca

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