UBCM Funding Programs

UBCM Funding Programs

Union British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) manages other funding programs that are complementary to some of the activities we fund under SWPI.

Community to Community Forums

This program bring local governments and First Nations together and could be used for meetings related to wildfire mitigation, fuel management and/or FireSmart.  If used this way, the C2C grant can also be considered as part of the SWPI community contribution.  All local governments and First Nations in BC can apply.


Community Emergency Preparedness Fund

We are starting to roll out the funding streams under this new program.  Although we have not yet opened the application intakes, the program guides for the Emergency Operations Centres & Training and for Emergency Social Services funding streams are now on our website.  Program and application materials for the 2 flood-related funding streams will follow in September and we hope to roll out the materials for Evacuation Route Planning later this year.   All local governments and Treaty First Nations in BC can apply.


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